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Text Messaging grows as consumers delete apps

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95% of Text Messages are read within 3 minutes

Lunar, which offers Salesforce consulting services, recently published a survey which shows consumer adoption of Text Messaging is happening fast. “Businesses need to realize if they’re not communicating with clients and sales prospects via text, they’re inadvertently extending their sales timeline and reducing the amount of sales they could be closing,” Lunar President Jon Robinson said in a statement around a new survey.

Texting is a faster communication channel than email for sales and marketing, with 75% of people saying they read text messages in two minutes or less, per survey results that Lunar shared with Mobile Marketer.

Text Messages also generate quick responses, with 25% of survey respondents reporting that they reply to a text in less than one minute and 67% replying in under two minutes. About eight of 10 (78%) people said texting is the easiest communication channel that will urge them to respond.

To get the best ROI for your marketing efforts, Vibes suggests communicating deals to consumers via text messaging or mobile wallet as opposed to apps which can easily be ignored or deleted.

Lunar’s study suggests that marketers should adopt texting to expedite conversations with existing and prospective customers, making sure that the mobile messages aren’t distracting, intrusive or too frequent.