App usage is dying – The best way to reach your customers on their Smart Phones now

Beach phoneBI Intelligence has just issued a report called, “The End of Apps,” which chronicles in great detail how, after explosive upward growth since 2009, according to BI, “App usage is consolidating and once they’ve tried an app, users mostly aren’t coming back for more.”

BI Intelligence explains, “This shift could usher in a “post-app” era, which could transform the way consumers access the internet and digital services. Mobile tech giants Apple, Facebook, and Google have each put in motion strategies that best ensure they emerge not only unscathed, but ahead of their competition. At stake is the dominance of an industry projected to reach $102 billion in value globally by 2020.”

Here are some key takeaways from the report:

  • Users are downloading apps less often and spending their time in fewer of the apps that they choose to install.
  • That’s a big problem for Google, Apple, Facebook, and the companies that rely on their app ecosystems to reach audiences.
  • These players in tech are looking for ways to overcome a crisis in app engagement and position themselves to dominate the future app landscape.
  • The evolving app ecosystem will provide brands with ample opportunity to leverage multiple points of engagement.

For Merchants looking to engage with their customers more often, increase their customer list, and drive more repeat sales each month, SMS Text Marketing is the best, most affordable option right now.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • In North America, cell phone saturation exceeds 95%, which means the majority of your customers have cell phones, and are able to receive a text message. Even at age 65+, cell phone ownership is above 42%
  • The open rate for a SMS Text is 97 percent while the open rate for emails averages just 20-30 percent
  • Nearly 90 percent of SMS Text recipients open their text messages in the first 3 seconds.

The potential return on investment with this powerful tool is amazing!

If you’d like to learn more about how to build Customer Lists with SMS Text Marketing as a Profit Center and do it inexpensively and legally, plus, receive a copy of my report 14 Key Benefits of SMS Text Message Marketing, contact me today.


SMS Is on the Rise for Business: Trends and Stats

smartphonesEmail capture and marketing is so “2000 and Late” as the Black Eyed Peas would say. If you are a retailer, restaurant, bar, or a business that relies on customer traffic for your business growth and sustainability, read this article on SMS Text Marketing 

Laura and the accompanying InfoGraphic give insight into the fast growing SMS Marketing channel and what you are missing if you are not utilizing this technology to grow your business.
“As long as people have carried mobile phones, marketers have seen the potential for a new way to contact an engaged and responsive audience.
  • Learn that the SMS Text Marketing channel is on an upward trajectory
  • A whopping 98% of SMS messages are read within 90 seconds,  and the response rate of text messaging is 45%, versus 6% for email.
How can your company take advantage of this channel? In addition to promotional messages, brands can consider password resets, event reminders, customer support, coupons, and more.”
Next step is to contact me today to learn how you can triple your customer list in 60 days or less and drive more customer traffic to your retail location.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer the Future for Contact Centers

iStock_analytics122334673.jpg.800x600_q96AI is already here and is being implemented by companies across the world.

Call ATT about your Cell service and you will be talking to an Artificially Intelligent agent. This is a computer generated person talking to you. Not a real agent. And that robot is verifying your identity and answering questions in a conversational manner. The quality is stunning. No button pushing required. You can answer questions and the system understands you and either answers or directs you to where you need to go to get help. This is a big advance from the days of a robotic voice chopping its way through some basic commands and asking you to press 1 for yes and 2 for no.

Surveys show consumers like getting answers, information and service without having to deal with other humans. Great news for company bottom lines…not so good for Call Center agents across the world.

Dozens of companies like SmartAction, Afiniti, and IPsoftAmelia, to name a few, are developing AI applications to integrate with Contact Centers that are capable of totally disrupting operations in a good way. These companies are moving quickly and producing some very impressive products that will transform omni-channel Customer Service.

Google, Amazon, Apple and Tesla are pushing AI to new frontiers and the residual learning and technology wave is raising all ships and leading to amazing breakthroughs in quality.

The programs that are being developed are so sophisticated that they are learning on their own and improving their performance. This “machine learning” is the key leg to explosive growth. AI is providing insight on customers and building profiles using interactions, call audio and other contact data that are compiled from multiple sources and can be made available in real-time or for historical reporting. Sales and Service teams will have access to amazingly detailed and useful data about their agents and customers.

The what, when, where, and how of AI should be a key focus for all Contact Center leaders and those who utilize contact centers to service their customers. The “Why” is easy. Because AI leads to increased cost savings, more loyal customers, more buyers, longer retention of customers and employees (the human ones); reductions to infrastucture spending; better use of collected customer data, and, unfortunately for workers but good for company bottom lines, reductions in human workforce costs.

I spoke to a Venture Capital Group today and I can tell you that they are taking a very conservative approach to valuing the ROI on AI implementation. AI seems to have snuck up on everyone quietly, event the smart money, but it is here and it is growing fast.

The Contact Center industry is beginning the journey through major changes and improvements with AI and I’m very excited to be along for the ride.

MICHAEL CCS is Growing

Call Center Consulting firm MICHAEL CCS founder Mike Schiano says the future is bright for the Contact Center business. Technology breakthroughs and Cloud Services are contributing to increased capability to secall-center-consultingrvice Customers via multiple channels faster and more efficiently.

The future of work-from-home and other virtual agents is expanding as Contact Centers can leverage the latest in cloud computing to staff globally while maintaining high quality and security.

MICHAEL CCS is working closely with some major companies to help them improve performance and grow operations worldwide.

Boost your Contact Center Performance


Core Competencies

  • Speech Analytics and Artificial Intelligence expertise. In 2019, Speech analytics and AI will continue their penetration into the lives of consumers and businesses that serve them. Integration into all Contact Center applications will grow. We can help you navigate this new frontier of technology that can completely change the way you serve your internal and external customers. You cannot afford to miss on this important technology.
  • Executing and driving consistent best practices for multiple clients in medium to large contact centers
  • Customer Service improvement and Execution on KPI’s in omni-channel environments
  • Direct to Consumer Marketing, Sales and Customer Retention
  • Building High-performing work cultures and Employee attrition reduction
  • Call center technical expertise in evaluation and implementation of all hardware/software
  • Management of Bilingual lines of business
  • Strategic and Tactical Business Planning and Growth
  • P&L and Budget Management for multiple Lines of Business and locations to $50M
  • Consumer Marketing and Data Analytics based performance improvement
  • RFP preparation, business proposals, and C-level presentations
  • Vendor Management

Contact Center consulting and management providing assessment, planning, and implementation services to optimize mission-critical resources – people, process, and technology.

  • Strategic and tactical goal development and implementation for Direct to Consumer Marketing and Sales
  • Hiring, Training and key employee reviews to ensure teams are staffed with high performing individuals.
  • Hands on management of BPO/ In-House/Near Shore and Off Shore Call Center Operations including Call Center vendor selection and management. Assistance with site location, market analysis, contract negotiations, RFP preparation, and C-level presentations.