About MICHAEL Customer Contact Services

Call Center Sales & Operations expertise in developing strong client relationships, increasing revenue & business performance. If your team is not executing at the highest level, contact us today. Your business cannot wait for things to get better on their own.

Is your business performance not meeting forecast? Sales flat or down? Attrition high and going higher? Managers, Supervisors and other front line leaders not connecting with agents. Is the Culture of your Center missing the mark with career growth, motivation, loyalty and commitment? Let’s Talk about your Call Center.

We provide measurable value. Here are some real examples:
-Led Contact Center to gross revenue of $10M top line revenue in 11 months with a 38% profit margin.

-Produced $22M top line revenue with a 39% profit margin in as VP Operations.

-Drove $9.5m top line revenue for a Top 3 Health Care Company and increased sales conversion 40.1% within 12 months as Director of Operations.

-Grew two Credit Counseling divisions from 0 employees to generate gross revenues in excess of $50M annually within 2 years of startup surpassing all objectives.

-Generated $3.4M gross sales revenue within 40 weeks of starting the sales division.

-Surpassed sales goals generating $7,188,010.00 in gross revenue.

-Led corporate sponsorship sales team generating revenue of $3M revenue in two years.

-Managed Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Defense to provide educational programs for active duty military members worth $1M annually.

-Spearheaded the development of a national, Consumer Debt Relief organization. Assisted with acquisition of $2.5M startup funding.

-Completely revamped Client Account process resulting reduced man-hours, more efficient processing of client funds, and reduced costs by more than $50k per month while handling $2M in client funds per month with growth of 15% per month.

-Produced gross Tele-Sales of $62M while implementing strategies to boost the average per-sale price from $299 to over $1100.

-Led In-house, Multiple sites, off-shore, Near-shore contact centers with 50 up to 2,000 agents.